New. This is a space to record multimedia impressions, ideas and experiences: a day in the life of a re-emerging creative practitioner. It is also a place to comment on my current participation in a creative methodologies class taught by Michael V. Smith at UBCO.

It starts with homage to Venice Manley, a former vocal workshop instructor who I didn’t know well but who left a lasting impression on me.  She helped me connect my extensive body/dance practice to my voice.  My actual singing voice, the voice that yelled for the goats on the mountainside in an Eastern European calling song; the voice that sang like the Bulgarian women’s choir in six part harmonies after 20 minutes of practice. It is also the voice that still remembers the African song that carried me through road trips and the birth of my first daughter.

I want to remember Venice and other instructors I have had because they helped build the foundation of my creative practice in ways that I sometimes forget when I describe my background. I trained as a dancer, an artist, an actor, a wooden boat builder, an art historian.  I gained experience as a gardener, a farmer, a mother, a lover and a teacher. There were however smaller experiences along the way, which have carried over in meaningful ways and continue to shape the way I am in my everyday life.