“a transformation of interaction into participation and communication”

Today I worked in the school garden. It was hot and the leaves of some of the tomato plants were crispy. I ate tomatoes and tried to taste the difference between the heirloom varieties. I checked for seeds to collect for next year’s garden and I talked to the children, the teachers about the garden. It is almost as if the garden needs a body, a human presence for it to become visible. I know people see it, they comment on the size and luxuriousness of the whole.  To see detail however, individual qualities of a particular seed pod or the skin of a kuri kuri squash takes time and a certain…surrender? I’m lapsing into John Dewey again – “acute [a]esthetic surrender.” I’m wondering about the aesthetic moment and how a person needs to be willing to take that moment, and surrender to the experience. I am looking for ways of bringing people to that moment of surrender, or creating the space/time container for that surrender to occur.  To begin, I have to acknowledge those moments in my own experience and figure out the medium(s) by which to communicate that experience. These days it seems to be in words and in the doing of living. It is harder to create an object…I can set up the conditions for something to grow and…then what?