It has been a long time since I was in a group setting where creative work was being shown. Is “showing” the same as “workshopping” ? Maybe we need to remind ourselves as a group what the process is or create a new structure in which work is shared. What are the expectations? One thing that was decided was that explanation or contextualization was not going to happen. Probably the confirmation that I solicited also does not need to happen. So what does happen? Do we offer impressions? Ideas of what was communicated? Questions about intent and reception? Do we formally go around the room and comment or do we open it up to the room and wait to see if any one has anything to say? I like feedback – what did you think? feel? experience? smell? hear? associate? relate? recall? I want to share as well. I want to talk about how/whether the work communicated a clear intent.

I think my need to improvise movement in response to the pine cone was an exercise not “the work”. What is the difference between those two things? I was interested in seeing if I had anything to “say” with my body. A short phrase emerged but it was like half a sentence, less than a poem, a fragment. It was all I could do – I didn’t want to take more space, more time…At the same time it was a very comfortable and familiar space, I love to speak in movement. How to build the complexity of the communication is more of a challenge. How do I get from a phrase fragment to creating an embodied experience for other people as well? I love moving for other people but I want other people to move as well.