Last post was cut short because I was en route to the University and I couldn’t complete my thought. Then life intervened and…I’ve been wrestling with my relationship to my blog for the past few days and here’s what I have come up with:

I’m resistant and willing to change. Some things I share quite willingly – especially in person. Other things are harder for me to commit to words. I sort, integrate and store information and experience in my body and I don’t often release it onto the page.

Strangely enough I am now experiencing a profound, and involuntary, release. A slow, seeping trickle of waxy fluid from a perforated eardrum. How does that relate to blogging? Too much pressure building up inside my head. It has to come out somehow. My physical response to a new disorienting experience? To physically embody the disorientation – I am dizzy and seeping.

By the way, I love Jeannette Winterson, Diamanda Galas, John Cage, Clay’s writing, and the ease with which Julia integrates technology into her blog. thank you.

What am I thinking of these days? A human rights organization called The Elders led by Desmond Tutu: The Elders are a group of former political leaders from around the world who have formed a loose advocacy group for  human rights issues that they want to see changed. What interests me about them is that the people involved  are from generations of people who experienced significant historical moments that I have only read about. And still they have the energy to bring their past experience into the present in the effort to effect change in the future. It is truly admirable.

I am also thinking about iterative processes, ritual, performing touch, nature/dirty highways and “diviseurs” – a word I have to look up. A list that I need to chip away at, as I figure out how to manage my time effectively, loosen up the process and dig in to the depths  – quickly.