bodies and knowledge, body of knowledge, knowledgeable body, art and knowledge “we know more than we can tell” (Polanyi), who is my target audience? am I offering a model or my services? knowledge outside of my discipline, what is a discipline? why do I have to have a discipline, can’t I just have a curiosity and make a choice of medium/approach as the questions, ideas evolve? why are we (academics?) still trying to figure out if anthropology is useful as a category – is it? What if we couldn’t travel outside of our culture (whatever that culture may be) anymore? What if long distance transportation and electronic communication were no longer available? What if I never go to Israel?

performance/lecture – we all perform when we lecture…What about the deliberate use of costume, props, timing, sound, images, scents, tastes and ideas. How is performing a lecture different than giving a lecture?

The role of a PhD student is to create new knowledge. hmm. art and social sciences, social sciences and art – who has the corner on knowledge in that arrangement?

My research is about everyday nature and embodied knowledge. Today I was in the garden at the school and it felt so good to be with eager children, appreciative adults and a warm sun. How do I integrate that experience into my research? It isn’t new knowledge, it isn’t art but it contains things that I find so incredibly intrinsic to my being in the world. If I could step sideways into a dance, a wordless expression of what that feeling is, maybe I would approach art. But would it communicate to other people – and would anyone else want to experience the world that way? In the garden I am sharing my knowledge, I can’t remember if in a dance I do the same.