I have work to do:

Practice: find used pointe shoes. go on pointe. find 4 other people to go on pointe, mixed ability/age/gender. find time to go on pointe. find green paint or ink. find a way to create a pool of ink or paint. find paper. easy. confirm space in gallery or foyer, find a way to document. find a way of illuminating, sharing process and experimenting in ways that are able to be analyzed. don’t interpret. decide costumes. decide on location/space for final performance.

walking, climate change, sacrifice, culture, nature

begin ethics review process for general public in gallery space, children in garden, youth performances. write a paper on garden experience. get photos. figure out where to submit. get published.

CS presentation – it is a seminar, a lecture/presentation and a workshop…all in one hour. write it, script it rehearse it, time it, do it. practice in the space. rewrite for one hour presentation.strategies of excess, dislocation, disorientation and destabilization. Analysis of a moment in CS’s art-life process.

Theory: Yves Klein and his painting with women, Pina Bausch and exquisite aesthetic choices, Jennifer Mascall and learning to experience dance fresh, evolution metaphor (from drinking pool and 1st life forms to crawling, walking and tippy tip toes) and UBC’s new mandate “start an evolution”

lowering my carbon footprint: walking on pointe, in nature (R), walking in the city (S), walking in the gallery (A)