Went to see White Spider at the Vernon Performing Arts Centre last night and tried to be open about it. Dancers in mountain climbing gear, sail cloth back drop, body etch-a-sketch, rotating tilted platform and no connection. I remember my brother railing at me about the huge gap between audience and dancers years ago and I couldn’t understand because I loved the movement and that was enough. It is no longer enough. I do not see the validity of movement exploration that doesn’t explore, tries to be more, and fails. Nothing touched me except one little moment where two female dancers were hooked on the same rope and did a duet fragment which was quite intimate and not overwrought. Much of the movement was highly stylized and overplayed the pragmatics of working with gear. The movement became a caricature of itself and most of the dancers were so engrossed in themselves that there didn’t seem to be a need for an audience.

I supposed it triggered memories of my own performances, rigged up and hanging from a ladder, sliding on metal, crashing into wood, sometimes I connected, sometimes I didn’t…I know it is important to keep doing and watching but at the same time I feel…a sense of responsibility? an imperative? to create work that reaches out, addresses issues, challenges perceptions, suggests alternatives. Very lofty of me, also almost more pressure than I can handle but…I have to try.