At the eleventh hour, I am suddenly thinking  about my role in the Gallery. When I am there I am not performing, I am facilitating activities and doing activities. In which case – how do I want to appear? Literally, what do I want to wear? I thought of Kuroko, the invisible stage hands in Kabuki, traditional Japanese Theatre. All black and somewhat neutral. The neutrality refers to the emotional presence I want to maintain. NOT chatty and all over the map. Sustained concentration. People entering into the space are welcome to try what I have to offer, but the verbal exchange needs to remain about the work.  I do want people to engage – but I want them to engage from a certain place of awareness. When I have done this in class, it was easy to set the tone, create the container. How am I going to do that in the gallery? foyer? By staying on task. Approaching the activities with intent, moving in and out of the experience, from doing to recording. Setting limits to when and how things are happening. Explaining that the activity is about awareness in the doing. Limit participants. Lead people through, guide their experience, without too much interference….