I love Winnipeg artists. A huge generalization based on a recent re-interaction with one individual, Ken Gregory, but I will elaborate. I grew up in Winnipeg and returned as an adult.  After a BFA at Concordia, I moved back to Wpg. and slid into the visual arts world with a goal of creating performance installations that were informed by my dance background but not performed in that milieu. The visual artists I encountered at various events and venues were fantastically supportive of my cross-over and rather than seeing my participation as competition, welcomed me as an emerging artist with something to contribute. It was lovely. So why do I love Winnipeg artists – beyond feeling included? Because there is a way of approaching art work which encourages artists to take personal risks, challenge categories and yet stay grounded in the understanding that there is a community which supports individual (and collaborative) endeavours. It all sounds like nostalgia, but as I was witnessing Ken Gregory’s artist talk, I remembered, like a warm blanket at a campfire on a cold night, how nice it was to be challenged by the work, not the people. Real art by real people. Thank you.