my intent was to create an experience for participants, one that would stay in their bodies as a form of embodied learning linked with creative thinking about lowering their carbon footprint. From the feedback I received, which in retrospect, was more substantial than I originally remembered, the experience was quite successful. The experience was embodied, some participants did link it to lowering their carbon footprint and it did serve as an means of creating awareness.
I also needed to re-engage in my own relationship to everyday and idealized nature as an artist. This was more complicated in terms of representation because when the experience was framed as a video narrative it was “too beautiful” and somehow less critically engaged.
The challenges were in the realm of measuring the success/failure, defining my role as experience facilitator and “leading the learning.”
My goal is to structure the experience as more of a workshop rather than a presentation. As a workshop I want to introduce the material, ask questions, facilitate the embodied experience and then ask questions at the end. I will videotape the workshop and have participants sign release forms. Hopefully all of this structure will enhance the experience instead of stifling the poetic moment. I will be trying this on Dec. 1st.