laughter, community,choreography, time and making the pitch as quickly as possible…

Again afterword, as we (Amy, John, Julia, Maggie, Ozgul and I) were debriefing,I said that I felt like I was still presenting an idea – not the work…And when I got home I told Randi that I look forward to actually doing a workshop and not just proposing the idea. He said, echoing Maggie’s comment, isn’t that what you were doing – presenting what you would do if you were to run this idea as a workshop? I didn’t tell my assembled participants that they were getting a presentation of an idea, I thought they were getting the actual thing..”remember the feeling in your feet, thighs and hands, link it to the concept of limitation”… because of the limits of time (!) I could only offer the experience up to a certain point.

I recapped the event for a later visitor, Sean Lawrence from Critical Studies and posed my questions with much more aplomb than earlier in the afternoon:

What do you think/feel about lowering your carbon footprint?

What is possible/impossible? What are the limitations?

What are you willing to sacrifice?

I paused before sacrifice, then said the word and his eyes widened, something registered in that moment.

I know that some of what I am doing is teaching as a means of performance – leading the experience, linking the ideas, framing the questions. This affects the participation, affects the reception and affects what is considered the work. What is the work? Is the work the experience? When is it a rehearsal for the real? (as Boal describes in his forum theatre)

Deferred experience as a participant. (only willing to commit a certain amount of time, a certain amount of engagement, a certain amount reflection)Boal does not allow for an audience, only participants, or “particip-actors”.

Limitation of desire.