at the end of my first class I blurted out the idea that i had to figure out what to do with my habit of pushing sexual content into communication, sometimes to make it visible and sometimes as a means of stirring the pot. It was a weird moment to raise the issue, as if I was trying to remind myself as well as other people that I am a sexual being, despite the fact that the focus of my work is climate change. (what kind of climate am I talking about…) But really I think my concern was how to redirect and focus my edge. I do like to question conventions and actually – power relations. Often I bring up the body as a way of re-inserting feelings, sensations, bodily functions into a discussion. Maybe it is a way of embodying grounded theory. That is an interesting connection. How can I work that kind of awareness into facilitation without it becoming either inappropriate (depending on the community) or too distracting. There is something potent in this habit. What is it?