moving on a diagonal in space; loss; longing; birthing; relationships between bodies – without words; flocking; flying; feet landing on water; holding and releasing;  listening – a visual image of someone listening – intently; a boat of the water with a person wearing train of fabric floating out 30 ft behind; animals at a drinking hole; relationship performer seeing/touching/smelling/tasting the audience; scrolls – as a performance space; willow sticks; gardens as a performance space, performance activity; wearing the city as a costume; walking down a city street, on the bus in Stuart Park on pointe; roots, weeds, lichen, moss, a wad of bubblegum stuck in my mouth, texting and public performance, body extensions, boat parts – human body parts, an airplane staircase, a 20$ bag of potatoes, losing senses of smell, sight, hearing, taste – touch…;  planting a living wall; scarcity of food, excess – rot

The list is random, mainly image based as I am linking thoughts to a time/space based moment. What do these random things have to do with my research project? Some of it has nothing to do with it, others are related to performance ideas I have but not to methods of working in community. I cannot bring my preconceived images/ideas to a workshop setting if I am trying to generate content collaboratively. I suppose I can acknowledge that this list is part of my subconscious repertoire and will probably become part of the suggestions I will put forward in a collaborative situation. But I am still confused about what/how I am working. What is the project – how is it generated? What are the components? What am I developing in this class? A toolbox of  performance methods for working in community? An image bank of climate change metaphors? A list of locations for  performance activities? A series of relationships that I need to initiate and nurture in the city in order to start this work?