Attempt at a definition – what is my discipline…

I need to write down my discipline for  class and I cannot figure out how to define what it is that I am doing in academia…oh dear. So for lack or for gain, I will say that I am in the discipline of social practice. It is not a discipline. Trust me to want to find something that I haven’t really started doing yet, that doesn’t really exist in academia but that looks like a variety of things that can/do happen in institutions. I want to network,  make art with communities, find ways of having conversations in a performance context, possibly performatively, create new knowledge through rigourous record keeping and  analysis, call it a theory, earn a degree and call it a career.  To that end, within the context of the course work and research I am doing this term, I am  looking up methods. In art practices, social change, communication for climate change, performative methodologies, qualitative research and interdisciplinary practices in sustainability.

Social Practices – online…

Social Practices Art Network – US

Improvisation, Community and Social Practices – CA (Guelph)

Mammalian Diving Reflexes/Centre for Social Innovation

The Social Practice – UK

Social Practice Blog – US

Where do I work? That might help define my discipline. I work in an art lab, the Centre for Art and Technology. Right now I am in the hunting and gathering stage.  Most things I read define interdisciplinary studies as a bridge, something that is between disciplines. So then I am on that bridge. I am not at on end of the bridge looking to cross over or exchange with the other side, I am moving across the bridge with a variety of perspective,s moving toward…but my position and path are just not that linear. How about transdisciplinary?

I looked up transdisciplinary and found an interesting website, although I don’t know why it was part of the search results:

The author is an action researcher in New Zealand and other than the vaguely motivational quality of the website, his information on collaborative processes and networking seems to be quite comprehensive.

My meanderings then led me to the Transdisciplinary Charter – which I don’t recommend. It is kind of unfortunate that the term was so thoroughly colonized so long ago. In 1994…While I agree with some of the overarching ideas – between, across and beyond disciplines – I am not so keen on aligning myself with a “new rationality.”

Back to social practice…my garden project, lowering my carbon footprint and ways of knowing…