more words and really what I am trying to do is define what it is that I am already doing, haven’t really begun, circling around like a hungry animal. The garden project can be framed as social practice, environmental education, civic engagement – but it is still a school permaculture garden and more about being a place based activity. What I am interested in pushing is the dialogical potential of the place based activity. How can the place and the activity create a space for an exchange of information? How does that exchange of information in the garden contribute to ways of knowing? How do conversations about garden ways of knowing describe a relationship with everyday nature? How can that experience be beneficial in reevaluating an ethical relationship with the everyday environment? Is the garden a social laboratory? Can it be used as an effective way of communicating about climate change on a local level? Do issues of mitigation and adaptation emerge in garden practice? Is the garden a relevant context for citizens to dialogue about climate change problems and solutions? What is gained by locating conversations on climate change in a placed based activity?  Does garden activity allow for a relationship with the land that is reciprocal? What is meant by garden?