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I had a performance component to this project that I need to re-investigate and possibly do:

5 performers

1 pool of viscous something, some kind of scroll of paper

flocking, coming to the drinking pool, entering the pool, passing through, crawling to standing, standing to walking, walking to pointe

Kenneth for music

I want this to be performed – it will require funding…


my intent was to create an experience for participants, one that would stay in their bodies as a form of embodied learning linked with creative thinking about lowering their carbon footprint. From the feedback I received, which in retrospect, was more substantial than I originally remembered, the experience was quite successful. The experience was embodied, some participants did link it to lowering their carbon footprint and it did serve as an means of creating awareness.
I also needed to re-engage in my own relationship to everyday and idealized nature as an artist. This was more complicated in terms of representation because when the experience was framed as a video narrative it was “too beautiful” and somehow less critically engaged.
The challenges were in the realm of measuring the success/failure, defining my role as experience facilitator and “leading the learning.”
My goal is to structure the experience as more of a workshop rather than a presentation. As a workshop I want to introduce the material, ask questions, facilitate the embodied experience and then ask questions at the end. I will videotape the workshop and have participants sign release forms. Hopefully all of this structure will enhance the experience instead of stifling the poetic moment. I will be trying this on Dec. 1st.

Everyday Nature: Acting on Climate Change through Participatory Community-Based Theatre, proposes that experiences revealed and shared through community-based participatory theatre link embodied learning with the identification of constructive environmental actions that can be meaningfully sustained in everyday life.

Project Description:

lowering my carbon footprint is a poetic investigation into the sacrifice involved in my effort to walk lightly on the earth. The project is twofold, one part is my outdoor experience in places like Woodhaven Park, and the other is creating an indoor environment where participants can try walking “limitations.” The participatory experiences offer an embodied creative reflection on the implications of what lowering our carbon footprint might actually mean in our everyday lives.

Limitation of comfort:

The first limitation is to walk in pointe shoes while leaving a trace on a paper floor. Assistance will be available to make sure no one gets hurt.

Limitation of caring:

The second limitation is to place as many 10” willow sticks between your thighs as possible and then walk until the sticks drop.

Video, rough edit:

The video of my Woodhaven experience is related to the participatory work in that it is a stage of my creative process that was necessary for me to go through but does not entirely reflect the overall intention of my larger research project.  lowering my carbon footprint, started with my own experience of re-embodiment while the participatory limitations mark the transition into the development of a community project.

Video credits:

Woodhaven videographer: Lori Mairs

Walking feet video recording: Jeannette Angel

Editing: Julia Prudhomme


Biography Notes:

I am a formerly trained ballet dancer from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet professional program, a graduate of Contemporary Dancers and a BFA in Interrelated Arts majoring in Dance, Theatre and Visual Arts from Concordia University, and a Master’s in Art History, concentrating on Performance Art in the 1960s. I have trained and danced in many forms including ballet, modern, African village dance, Butoh, square dance and a hint of Tango.