jardin des trois soeurs

I co-designed a garden plan with landscape architect Shasta McCoy, and then we planted Jardin des trois soeurs (2010-2013) at École de l’Anse au sable in Kelowna, BC with the encouragement and guidance from elementary teachers Odette Morissette, Nelson Girard and Francine Masse.

Shasta McCoy and colleagues from Urban Systems volunteered their time in garden along with parents from the school community. 

The community art garden involved students in discovering what plants would grow well in the soil of the school grounds (a former golf course),and how to use local, readily available willow as the primary material for students to construct garden containers, trellises and sculptural objects. 

My educational intentions were to explore what a sustainable garden project could be, and with that in mind, I facilitated classroom discussions, linking the social aspirations of the school community with permaculture gardening principles. 

I cultivated art-garden practices that wove the school community into the garden, and with the students, celebrated everyday relationships with nature.