video game princesses

A grand entry, always starts at the top
Of a staircase, with a pause
It takes a long time
To go down, into the depths

Trudging lightly in glass slippers
Heals crumbling and grinding 
Into the carpeted steps
Leaving a trail of sparkling disasters

Waiting for the next princess to flounce
Her way into oblivion, a long line of succession
Maybe we all need staircases 
That change directions

When our thoughts grow
Like tenacious weeds breaking through 
The surface of a broken step, turned
Not an ankle, but a new way to dance

Nimbly, a tricksy nod to the watchers
A skip and a twirling updraft
Once again to the top
Of a staircase, and pause

Sometimes its good 
To see the world as an avatar
Video game princesses unlocking
Powers that lift us up, up and through
Little tight spots of living hard and rough

March 11, 2022