…it’s a biblical thing, right?

It requires an admission of some sort, a truth saying, a recalibrating of stories told…no longer

To comfort the guilty

Ignore the dead

Trick the gods

It’s not that I believe in a single higher power, or even a pantheon of lesser deity administering my post-existential fate, or anything like that…but damn…

We fucked this up.

This… this being the best of what humans can be, human love, caring and all that good stuff

Instead, we chose the ingenuity of torture, neglect and denial.

And decided that Darwin’s survival of the fittest was a valid point of departure for managing these, these children, who did not look like the queen or the pope, or whatever

I have acid in my throat, burning my vocal cords because I want to spew flames at the masterminds behind these plans. This is not human.

Any god could tell us that

June 25, 2021